Woman Who Suffered 17 Miscarriages Becomes a Mother of Four in Just Nine Months (Photos)

A woman who was told she may never be able to give birth after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia has become a mother of four babies.

A woman who had 17 miscarriages after being told she would never give birth has become a mother to four children – in just nine months, Dailymail reveals.
The woman identified as Lytina Kaur was told she may never be able to give birth after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, an aggressive cancer of the white blood cells, at the age of 17 and receiving a bone marrow transplant a year later.
After 13 years of waiting and several miscarriages, Lytina, 32, from Wollaton in Nottingham, found out she had fallen pregnant and she is now a mother to four young daughters. Lytina gave birth to her first daughter Kiran in September 2015. Her twins, Kajal and Kavita, were born via surrogate in India two months later.
And in June 2016, Lytina gave birth to Kiyara at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham.
Lytina, who first started trying to get pregnant after her 2007 wedding, said: ‘I had 17 miscarriages in total and they were all hard but that one was the most difficult because it was my first and I had been carrying them for a long time.’
The former housing officer added: ‘I was still quite young when I was told I couldn’t have children.
When I had my transplant I was told I couldn’t have children because of my leukaemia.
‘I didn’t think about it too much at the time and thought I’d worry about it when I crossed the bridge.
‘However when I got married at 23 it was heartbreaking.’ 
Lytina said: ‘She came early but she has no health complications. In the end we were really lucky.’ 
Speaking about her new role as a busy mum, she added: ‘I was just enjoying my life and suddenly, within nine months, it turned crazy.
‘I do miss being able to go out whenever I want to but I love spending time with my kids.’ 

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