9 Signs You’re Giving Your Everything To A Boy Who Deserves Nothing

1. You’re always the one sparking conversations. If you don’t send him a good morning text, or change a dull subject into an interesting one to keep the conversation going, then you won’t hear from him for the rest of the day.


2. You’re the only one coming up with date ideas. The one inviting him over. The one looking up movie times. You’re the planner, and he just goes with the flow.


3. When another man hits on you, you feel uncomfortable. Like you’re doing something deceitful, even though you didn’t flirt back. Meanwhile, your boyfriend is liking $exy pictures on Instagram and messaging the women to see if they’re single.


4. Whenever he talks about himself, you make a mental note to remember it all. But he’s forgotten basic stuff about you, like your birthday and brother’s name.


5. You’re the one on top during $ex. The one doing all the work. And the only one that offers 0ral.


6. You compliment him every chance you get. On his beard. On his laugh. On his intelligence. But he rarely returns the favor. When he does, the compliment is about your looks. He never mentions anything about your personality.


7. You make an effort to involve him in your life. You invite him out with your friends and ask your parents to cook dinner for him. But you don’t know anything about his loved ones. You’ve never even met half of them.


8. You do everything for him. Everything. You’ve handed him your heart. Exposed your soul. And he doesn’t even appreciate it. He’s never even given you a thank you


9. You think about him all the time. There’s never a day when he doesn’t cross your mind. But he never tells you that he misses you or that he loves you. Sometimes, you wonder if your feelings are entirely one-sided.

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