Wizkid Blast Awards Int’l Organizers For Always Giving Africans Awards Backstage (Video)

While some Singers may find it fun receiving awards backstage, Just because its International, Pop star doesn’t do that, he has an integrity to keep, and wouldn’t let his people down, The pop star has slammed International Awards organizers who always look down on African Artistes, by giving them awards on backstage.

In an interview with NBS TV the father 3 said he doesn’t attend those kinda awards event, and would not let any Organizers look down on Africans..
When asked about what he thinks When Africans are giving Awards backstage, he said:

‘That is why i don’t attend those shows, They always wanna look down on us, If you can’t show us to the world, then don’t nominate us, we are contended with what we have, we are proud Africans..

Wizkid blast International Awards organizers for always Giving Africans Awards Backstage..

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