Nigerian Man Reveals How He Used A Lady To Set Up And Catch Thief Who Stole His Phone in Lagos (Photos)

A Lagos-based artiste identified as Ayo Bishi, has taken to the social networking platform to share the story of how he caught a guy who stole his phone after he set him up with a lady.’

Here’s how the story was narrated on social media by the artiste;


This guy stole my phone on Sunday and dissapeared and he went ahead to pick my calls and afterwards turned the phone off , the next day I went in search of his number and I found it, and then I told a lady to call him after true caller told me his name is Abbey and the lady called him but he didn’t disclose his location but he was curious to know the lady calling so he kept calling and I told the lady not to pick the call.

Next thing he called with another number and I immediately checked for the number on Facebook and I found out the owner of that number is a lady schooling in Tasued so I decided to check her pictures , and also checked for the guy with the highest comment on her posts, then I waited for about three hours more before I called the number and I pretended to be the guy from her Facebook immediately she fell for the Trick and she disclosed her location Ijebu ode Tasued, Ijaagun.

I had to travel immediately to Ijebu ode that same evening I got there at about 10, Pm and I went straight to their school Authority to file. A Report and i requested for Security Personnel to aid in getting the Arrested cos I know once I get the girl I ll get the guy too .

Thirty minutes later after proper documentation , I called the girl and she noticed my Voice was different from the person i told her I was so I told her it’s cos of the phone I was using to make the calls so she decribed her hostel.

On getting there I saw a very pretty Fair lady and I asked her not to be afraid if she co operates with me she ll have nothing to worry about , so I asked her for Abbey, and she said he already left for Abeokuta I was so pissed off I gave her a dirty slap (which I apologized afterwards for) and I told her she is surrounded.

Immediately the hiding security personnel showed up and they intervened too so we asked the girl who she is to Abbey she said she is his Younger Brother’s Girlfriend so I told her to get me His younger brother and she did immediately I told them to hand over their School ID cards and clearance cos they are final year students.

I begged them to call Abbey now and find out where he is without him suspecting anything so they did and he told them he was at the Hospital where his wife gave birth and no money yet to pay for her to be Released

So They asked for the name of the hospital and they told him they were coming to give him money the next day , so he disclosed the hospital was somewhere in Olomore Abeokuta , so the cadet in Ijebu ode controlled the Ones in Abeokuta and they went Straight to the Hospital in Abeokuta to pick him up at about 12;35am at First he Denied but later when he found out about the Whole Scenario he Confessed and told them the Phone is in Ago Iwoye, he got locked up for that Night.

The next day they took him to Ago Iwoye to get the phone and brought him back to Ijebu ode to me and asked what I wish to do to him , Then I told them I m not interested in taking him to Court , as long as I got my Phone back let him go For Free , then I told him N!gga When Next you Try to Steal I promise you , You Will Never Be This Lucky

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