EPL: Bukayo Saka Told To Leave Arsenal

English Sports pundit, Adrian Durham, has asked Arsenal forward, Bukayo Saka, to leave the club in order to attain his potential.

The ace sports journalist and talkSPORT host said the England international has to leave Gunners for the sake of his career.

He said: “Bukayo Saka, for me, has to leave Arsenal for the good of his career,” he said on talkSPORT.

“He’s 20 years old, this season he’s played 48 games in all competitions, he’s played in all 38 Premier League games, starting 36 of them, and he’s 20 years old.

“This is strikingly similar to Jack Wilshere’s stats in the season that ruined his career, he didn’t play a single game the next year because of injury. They played him too much when he was that age.

“From the middle of last season when he burst onto the scene, they now can’t leave him out, they can’t rotate him, he’s always in the team.

“He’s still young, they’re not looking after him properly. He needs a bit of rest and to be brought out of the team every now and then.”

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