Download Music: DJ Ruff Lemon x Gennyman – Sista Aisha

Dj Ruff Lemon
Dj Ruff Lemon

Dj Ruff Lemon and GennyMan (the son of daddy showkey) form an unexpected duo to collaborate on EP they’ve tittled “Lemons And Oranges”. An encounter that began with Dj Ruff Lemon first talking to the son of the ghetto soldier about a single, leading GennyMan to reply with 6 songs of 6 different genres in 3days.

Now fast forward to current day the first single from the project is on the way, “Sista Aisha” will be preparing anytime soon. Stay tuned to find out if the apple fell far from the tree or did the ghetto soldier give birth to a music protege.
Lemons And Oranges Coming Soon…




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