11 Benefits of Not Having $ex Before Marriage

Premarital s*x has been seriously discouraged by the major religious groups in Nigeria but several youths still indulge in the irreligious act.


In this days of s*xual waywardness and promiscuity there are alot of benefits that one should note,of no s*x before marriage; and I’ll like to point out some to save some few.

1. HIV AIDS and other STDs
Well today we have more people living with HIV than we had in the time past due to information/vaccines. Abstinence will prevent you from communing such diseases/virus as this. Because in the case of marriage, tests are carried out before consummation but casual relationships are based on beliefs and one could have lied about their status.

2. Break Ups
It is easier to walk out of a relationship with no s*xual interaction,than one which has;and that’s very true, especially for the ladies .
My cousin once lost the guy she was supposed to marry, she cried for many nights but she moved on more quickly since there was nothing physical between them.So for the sake of a safe heart you might want to abstain.

3. Sampling
This one is more for the guys,once a guy starts having s*x before marriage there’s tendency he might want to test all waters before marriage, leading him to a dip abyss. My friend lost his virg*n*ty to his girlfriend last year,to cut the long story he’s turned to something else since then.

4. Less Cases
You hear cases of r*pe and s*xual abuses every day.If only these people where practising abstinence,there would have certainly been a reduction of such cases.

5. Marriage complications/Divorce
The truth is those who held it till marriage are more likely to have less complicated marriage as opposed to their fellow contemporaries.
When there’s abstinence there’s trust because you believe if she isn’t giving in to you;she certainly isn’t giving it to someone else. Although a cheat is a cheat whether they are giving it to you or not; but genuine abstaining partners build much trust on fidelity with their spouse.

When one abstains before marriage he/she as no room to compare their partners s*xual prowess with their ex’s there by reducing $exual tension.”No man wants you to compare him with you ex no matter what” hence this does alot of salvaging since you have no one to compare him to.

6. Draws you closer to God
Take it or leave it those who abstain are more likely to get closer to God. It doesn’t make them better than you,but certainly helps them in their walk; Since they are hardly thinking about s*x unlike you.

7. You save Money
Sounds silly right,but morning after pills and $exual preventives don’t come in cheap especially flavoured condoms.

8. True Love
It is very easy to find your true love when there’s no s*xual relationship. Most times when s*x is introduced in premarital relationships it clouds your judgement to be able to see things ” the way they are” most especially for the ladies.

9. Prevents death
Most ladies die while trying to do an abortion,but abstinence will prevent such; also alot of innocent babies that are killed and dumped into the bin,would have been saved.

10. It Helps you focus on other productive activities.

11. It makes you respected by your spouse.

Original writer: Boiled Plantain

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