“War Against Corruption Will Be Vigorously Sustained” – Pres. Buhari Says


While holding an Interactive Session at the Presidential Villa with members of staff of the statehouse who had assembled to welcome him back from his recent vacation, President Buhari pledged that his administration’s war against corruption will be vigorously sustained in order to rid the country of the debilitating effects of the wanton looting of public funds over the years.

According to spokesman Femi Adesina in a statement released today, Pres Buhari assured them he will continue to lead the country with patriotic zeal, integrity, dedication and commitment to improving the living conditions of ordinary Nigerians. He said;

“I have never in my life believed in corruption. If we make any mistake & compromise our integrity, Nigeria will be further dragged back. We will not touch anybody that did not touch public funds. If you behave yourself, you’ll sleep soundly, your families will enjoy respect. But if you have short-changed the treasury, you will be caught and you’ll have your day in court.”

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