Woman Runs To Prophet For Deliverance After Marrying 18 Husbands In 6years In Benue State

General Overseer Solution Center, St. Luke’s African Church, Prophet Memnen Ukum has delivered a 25year old woman of what they termed ”Powder spirit’ after she was unable to keep one man for atleast 4months, due to that she has married 18 husbands in the last 6years.

The Woman named Martha Korchioga from Benue who ran to the pastor for deliverance revealed that all the men she got involved with always beat her to coma..
She said:
“Once a man sees me, he will ask for my hand in marriage and sometimes two or three months into the marriage the love will vanish and the husband will send me packing”

“Within six years, I got married to 18 husbands and none was able to accommodate me up to four months. In fact, some of them hated me to the level of beating me to comma and some attempted to kill me,” she cried out

The Prophet then told her a powder she stole from her aunt in Lagos is the cause of the problem, and that for her problem to be solved, she must return it to the owner or to him (prophet) for destruction.

She said
“When I returned home with the powder, my aunt followed me to my village to collect it but I denied and she had to go back, but unfortunately, she had an accident on her way and died, “she said.

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