Woman Found with Juju Herbs in Her V*gina After She was Caught Trying to Sleep with Her Sister’s Hubby (Photo)

Young ladies now stashing their private part with herbs for s*x? What a woman discovered after she caught her sister trying to sleep with her husband will shock you!


A 20-year-old Harare, Zimbabwean lady, Rose Naomi, who tried to snatch her sister’s husband, has been discovered to have stashed some herbs in her private parts to lure Lawrence Muvirimi so that he leaves his 32-year-old wife, Loreta Kondo Muvirimi.

According to a report by H-Metro, the sizzling affair was publicly exposed after the two cheats’ whatsapp conversations leaked. It was learnt that Lawrence’s sister-in-law agreed to sleep with him for a cellphone and $50.

Loreta first discovered Rose’s message to Lawrance questioning why he was online. In suspicion, Loreta said she then took Lawrance’s phone and started chatting with Rose, pretending to be Lawrence, and whilst asking her leading questions, Loreta then found out that the two were having an affair.

“My husband came back from work around 4:30pm and took his phone to charge it. That is when I realized that my sister’s chat was right on top which is really strange because I never hear from her so I decided to continue with the chat pretending to be my husband. I then found out that she was actually asking for money and a cell phone from him for s*x,” said Loreta.

Loreta said she then informed her elder sister whom she teamed up with to trap Rose by arranging a fake meeting with Lawrence.

“Since I was the one who was in possession of my husband’s phone. I then told Rose to come to High Glen shopping centre where I had promised to give her the phone and the money in exchange for s*x. From the way that she was dressed and how she was wearing makeup one could tell that she wanted to lure my husband. My elder sister and I left the car and instructed Rose through chat message to get inside the car and when she went inside we locked the doors,” Loreta said.

Loreta said Rose wanted to use juju on Lawrence since she found herbs stashed in her private parts.

“I never thought your own sister can be that evil, we asked her why she was planning to have s*x with my husband. She lied that they was no way she would have s*x with him since she was on her menstrual period. We asked her to strip and when she stripped that was when we found juju stashed in her private parts,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rose denied having an affair with Lawrence but accused her sister of jealousy.

“I think my sister failed to understand the motives of the chat I had with her husband. I have my own husband and it was only a friendly conversation between me and my sister’s husband. She was only suspicious because I rarely chat with her but I talk to her husband,” she said.

When asked for comment Lawrance confirmed the relationship and said he was peer pressured to act that way by his workmates.

“Yes I was having flirtatious conversations with Rose and actually we started talking years ago. I was being influenced by my workmates to be in a relationship with her that is why we were sending all those, messages to each other. I also feel that my mother-in-law was behind all this because she knew about my relationship with Rose because at one time I was using her phone to talk to Rose,” he said.

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