You Will Not Be Promoted If You Can’t Swim – Nigerian Navy Tells Personnel


Proficiency in swimming is now a prerequisite for promotion in the Nigerian Navy.

From now on, personnel of the Nigerian Navy, who do not acquire proficiency in swimming, may not be promoted to the next rank, the naval authorities have declared.

This declaration was brought to light by the outgoing Commandant of the Nigerian Navy Ship, Quorra (NNS QUORRA) Commodore Francis Isaac.

Speaking at the valedictory parade organized for him in Apapa, Lagos after his recent appointment as the Deputy Chief, Defence Space Agency in Abuja, Isaac said the directive was given by the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Ibok-Ette Ibas, to check drowning during operations.

He said:-

“As way of reemphasising the importance of swimming, the CNS gave an order that all personnel must be able to swim and acquire a proficiency certificate.

“There are criteria that must be met; it is not just going to any swimming pool to be certified. There are certain criteria and that has become a requirement for promotion.”

There are shocking reports emanating from within the Force that majority of its personnel, including senior and junior cadre do not know how to swim.

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