War: Ukraine Forces Withdraw From Battlefront As Russia Forces Take Over

Ukraine has begun withdrawing its forces from Severodonetsk as Russian forces take over the region.

The withdrawal operation is expected to last a few days as the head of the Severodonetsk district military administration, Roman Vlasenko told CNN.

“As of now, the Ukrainian military still remains in Severodonetsk,” Vlasenko said on Friday. “They are being withdrawn from the city at the moment. It started yesterday.

“There are a lot of units there, so I think the withdrawal will take a few days,” he added, without specifying where they were withdrawing to.

Vlasenko went on to say that 568 civilians were also in the city, inside the Azot plant.

“They will be able to get out as soon as the shelling is over, but to the occupied territory,” he added.


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