Top Facts You Should Know About The Fight Between Davido and Wizkid – Wizkid Allegedly Punched in the Face by… (See Details)

The news about Wizkid and Davido fight in the backstage arena of a big show in Dubai was a very shocking one! It is not a secret that these two persons do not like each other, but still, they are not known to express their emotions through physical fights! So what exactly happened between them on the backstage of the One Africa concert? Continue reading to find out!

Wizkid and Davido Fight

Participating in the One Africa Concert which was staged in Dubai is supposed to be a success story for many singers in Africa. However, for now, it is remembered more as the place where the fight between Davido and Wizkid took place. There is also information that Sarkodie and his team were caught in the middle of the fight between Wizkid and Davido.


What caused the fight between Wizkid and Davido?

According to reports, the fight was started by Davido; it was his way of expressing his disappointment in the organizers who dared to place his performance after Wizkid’s. Some sources also claim that Wizkid was punched in the face during the fight.

Nonetheless, the main victim here is Sarkodie. The Ghanaian rapper and his crew were caught in the middle of the fight, and it is said that his team were put on the ground by Davido`s guys. The situation turned violent quickly. Some arrests were also made in the process.

However, according to another version, the fight was caused by Tekno and Wizkid`s manager, Sunday Are. After Tekno`s performance on the stage, the singer came to Wizkid`s camp to greet him, but was pushed away by Sunday Are, which erupted in a fight backstage.


Irrespective of what started the fight, it was a great disappointment for the One Africa concert. The show had to be ended since the artists were in the middle of the fight. It is not a new thing for pop stars to not like each other, but it was way unusual for them to start fighting. Some people were injured during the fight and some were placed in police custody, bringing an end to the concert in Dubai.

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