Top 4 Bl0w Job Mistakes Women Make That Guys Hate

The bl0w job is totally another story from kissing, during kissing men and women have lips they both know how to use them unlike bl0w job where a lady does not have a p3nis so totally assume she knows how to handle one and she is busy gnawing on a corn cob instead of handling a delicate instrument of pleasure and there will shriek of pains from the partner.

So Ladies, consider this article as a public service announcement from men.

The shaft scR@per: “The biggest mistake a woman can make and will immediately get her added to the do not call list is being too toothy, any contact of the teeth with the p3nis is unacceptable and the worst is when you scR@pe your teeth up and down the shaft”.

The Tip Taker: The cap might be the most sensitive part of a p3nis but that doesn’t mean its the only part that deserves to enter your mouth, get down the shaft and even work the balls into the mix and you’ll have a happy man”.

The No-hander: “We know bl0w jobs are about sucking the p3nis while there is no reason you should confuse it with a hand job and stop using your mouth but there is also no reason why you should only be using your 0ral orifice to get the job done not only will your hands save you from having to constantly deep throat the shaft, but it’s key to a well-rounded blow job so stroke that shaft and cup those balls”.

The Spitter: “These are the women who think it’s OK to spit after they take a load in their mouth they are actually plenty out there, some will spit it back on you, others will spit it on the floor, and others will run to the bathroom and spit it out”.

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