Tillaman Was Brutalized By Lagos State Police (See Photo)

The corruption in nigeria as gone beyond just bribery and corruption,the POLICE (none is left out) are now the so called corrupt fellows infact they should change from the name POLICE to CORRUPTION 😕….

We have heard of so many cases talking about ‘POLICE killing and beating citziens most especially responsible citizens’,The question we NIGERIANS keep asking is WHY?….Nobody feels safe in the so called POLICE anymore…

Prince Adetona Adeyemi Popular known as TILLAMAN was attacked by a POLICE MAN on October 30th 2017 at a Police check point at Epe, Lagos…According to Tillaman this was what he said :

“I have recorded a video of what happened and I’d love to share it with everyone.The officer didn’t ask me to identify myself or to provide a driver’s license, he asked me to park where i was obstructing traffic and i insisted I’d have to park safely then he stood infront of my car.He corked his gun and i felt threatened for my life, so i just parked the car there.The officer which i won’t reveal his name just yet, was extremely aggressive.After identifying myself as Adetona Adeyemi ‘not Tillaman’ and i told him i am a responsible citizen that knows his rights he pointed his riffle at me then i had to fight for my life, i have heard of so many cases where innocent citizens have been shot dead for nothing in this country and i wasn’t going to allow that to be my portion.Stay safe out there my people”

More updates still coming soon….

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