“If You Think It’s Easy To Be Rich By Being G.ay, Make Your Anuses Available For Firing” – Bobrisky

Back to his rants, after deciding to make his Snapchat public again, Popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky has revealed that he has about 40 million naira saved up in bank account.

He revealed that he suffered, before he became the millionaire he is today.. He also advised his followers to become “G.ay” like him, if they feel it’s that easy.

Here’s what he wrote: “I know some of u won’t understand wat is called “SUFFERING” cos at 25yrs some of u still collect feeding money from ur parent and still live in their house. I left my dad house when am 16yrs to go hustle and face life. I suffer so hard to become who I am today, not only by bleaching my skin but can boast of 40million in two of my active banks am sure my account officer is seeing dis. And am still hustling no going back. If u like insult me from now till tomorrow am not bothered. Wat bothered me most is how to become billionaire before am 30yrs. Some of u say am G.ay to be dis rich. oga if it is dat easy carry ur own ass too let them insert some D!ck. Bye”

He didn’t stop there, he also has a concluding posts for his haters.. Here’s what he said:

“Dis is for those of u who preach hell fire. Pls have u asked urself one day where will I go when I die ? And u are there judging another man for his wrong…. pls are u clean in God presence? Some of u F.uck another man wife, some sleep with another woman husband, lie, steal, yahoo boys stealing from oyinbo, cheat etc and yet u wanna bring other down. Naaaaa mind ur own business and leave others to enjoy. Thanks”

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