Students Applaud 5 Years’ Imprisonment For Pervert Lecturers


Student/lecturer $exual relationship in tertiary institutions today is becoming worrisome. Different cases of lecturers’ $exually harassing female students have been reported over time. Most of the lecturers accuse the students of improper dressing on campuses. In order to curb indecent dressing, especially among female students, many tertiary institutions now see indecent dressing as a punishable offence.
A bill sponsored by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege (Labour, Delta Central) and co-sponsored by 46 others senators reads “Lecturers that engage in $exual relationship with students would henceforth bag a five-year jail term if the bill in the Senate, seeking to completely prohibit any form of $exual relationship between lecturers and their students is passed and assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“When passed into law, it makes it a criminal offence for any educator in a university, polytechnic or any other tertiary institution to violate or exploit the student.

“The bill provides a compulsory five-year jail term for lecturers who $exually harass students.

“When passed into law, vice chancellors of universities, rectors of polytechnics and other chief executives of institutions of higher learning will go to jail for two years if they fail to act within a week on complaints of $exual harassment made by students.

“The bill expressly allows $exually harassed students, their parents or guardians to seek civil remedies for damages against $exual predator lecturers before or after their successful criminal prosecution by the state”, Sen. Omo-Agege said.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of students on this new development as many see it as a welcome idea. They revealed the causes of $exual harassment and how to curb such act on campuses.


It is a very good move by the Senate. The five-year jail term is not just enough. It should be 10-15 years. Some will even threaten to fail the student if she doesn’t comply with their move. It is annoying because it is what I have experienced.

The funny thing is many students have been $exually harassed without telling on the lecturer. Letting the lecturer get away with such wicked act is bad. Students should raise the alarm any time such thing happens on campus.


I was happy to hear such move by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. It is just wonderful but the issue of $exual harassment is too common in schools today. Meanwhile, not all students who claim to be harassed were actually harassed. I have seen a situation in my school when a student seduced a lecturer for $ex. What category can we place such act by a student.

Indecent dressing, bad gang and lust for $ex are common in campuses today. We can’t put all the blame on lecturers but this new development will make lecturers resist temptation by students.


It is a good idea but the five-year is just too small for such criminal offence. Any lecturer who’s capable of $exually harassing a student should be castrated. The issue of $exual harassment is no longer funny. Lecturers now take advantage of their students.

I have seen a situation where a lecturer impregnated a student and gave her money for abortion. Such is a criminal act. Justice shouldn’t be tampered with mercy for such act. The lecturer should just be castrated.


I’m a strong supporter of this. The issue has been in existence for long and it has damaged the image of our education system. If such criminal act continues, what will the future of this country hold. The five-year jail term should be effective against anyone who’s found guilty.

Students should also embrace proper dressing in school so as to be addressed like students.


It is a good decision that should have been implemented for long. Criminalizing lecturers/students relationship is good and should attract more than 5-year jail term for lecturers. A lot of female students are out there hopeless all because lecturers are taking advantage of them $exually.  The bill should be passed as soon as possible. I can’t wait to start seeing those wicked lecturers in jail.


The idea is such a great one but what penalty is set for female students’ indecent dressing. The dressing of some female students in tertiary institutions today calls for urgent attention. Female students are no longer dressing half nak*d, they are now totally nak*d. It’s disturbing seeing my fellow female students dressing in such manner.
The dressing issue should be addressed alongside jail term for lecturers.

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