Stop Spending Like Rich People When You Don’t Invest Like Them – Erigga


Popular Nigerian hip-hop star, Erigga has offered some financial advice to Nigerians who live above their means.

He stated that rich people an poor people live in different worlds because rich people invest and read unlike people living in poverty.

The Warri-born rapper stated that the reason many people remain poor is because as rich people are spending their money, poor people also spend like them even when they do not invest the same way.

Erigga advised people living in poverty as he rubbished the common belief that the reason they are broke and struggling is because of generational curses, adding that it is more like a generational bad habit.


He said;

“Rich people invest. You don’t invest. Rich people read. You don’t read. Rich people delay gratification. You don’t delay gratification.

But, when they spend, you want to spend too. When they flex, you want to flex too. When they party, you want to party too. And that is why you are poor. It has nothing to do with generational curses and everything to do with generational bad habits.”

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