Signs You Are Dating A Boy Not A Man


  • He Allows You To Pay All The Time: Generally, a man takes pride in paying for you (unless you won’t allow him to). But if he always lets you pay the bill when you go out for dinners, he hasn’t yet grown up.
  • He House Is Always A Mess. Check his room. If it is always in a mess then he’s just a boy. Mature men do whatever it takes to maintain clean spaces.
  • He Is Clueless About His Life. He doesn’t know where his life is going and he doesn’t have a vision. Clueless boys may offer no future for a relationship whereas men do have a basic idea about their near future.
  • He Wears The Same Clothes. Men take care of their grooming habits well but boys wear the same clothes for days together till they stink.
  • He Has No Experience. Well, boys who never had relationships may commit more blunders in a relationship compared to experienced men.
  • He Runs Away From Responsibilities. Boys love fun but hate responsibility, whereas men find fun in responsibilities too.
  • He Doesn’t Know His Limits. Boys don’t know where to draw the line and stay in limits whereas men know how to respect you and how to protect you.
  • He Argues A Lot. Boys have a need to feel right all the time but men know that arguments go nowhere. They talk to-the-point or let you talk; but they won’t argue.
  • He Is Jealous. Boys can’t digest the fact that women can have male friends. Boys tend to be possessive but men can understand that women can have male colleagues and friends.
  • He Broods Over The Past. Boys sit and worry when something goes wrong whereas men try to solve problems instead of wasting time brooding over the past.

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