Shocker! Two Men Suddenly Find Out They’ve Been Married To The Same Woman For The Past 5 Years


Two men exchanged blows yesterday, September 16 in Lugazi, Uganda after finding out they have been married to the same woman.

According to Tuko, neither of the two men identified as Guster Kyakulaga and Hakimu Sangala, had met before Friday when they fought over Brenda Nali, a 34-year-old nursing officer at a Hospital in Lugazi.

Nali has been using two different names, Rose Tuhimbisibwe while in Mukono with husband number one, Kyakulaga, who is a carpenter and Brenda Nali while in Iganga when with the second husband, Sangala, a prominent businessman.

The two men claim they have been married to her for almost five years now.

They also said that she has been giving each one of them endless excuses when they tried to introduce her to their parents.

On the fateful day when she was busted, Nali had gone to Kyakulaga’s workplace requesting him to allow her to visit her sick mother in Iganga.

Having suspected foul play, Kyakulaga decided to follow her the next day and investigate further. He kept calling her but she wasn’t picking until husband number two, Sangala, noticed the missed calls.

Sagala called Kyakulaga and asked her what he wanted from his wife only to be shocked by Sagala asking the same.

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