See The Moment Bus Driver Dozed Off At The Wheel Before Causing An Accident (Photos)

This is the moment a coach driver dozed off at the wheel causing a horror crash which killed on person and injured dozens of others. The double-decker was carrying 84 people in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province when it went into the back of a truck and then collided with a guardrail.

Footage obtained by China’s CCTV channel shows the driver struggling to keep his eyes open as the coach travels at speech down a major expressway. Police said he had not been to sleep the night before.

He eventually nods off completely but is jolted awake as the coach lurches to the side.

The driver was then unable to avoid the truck and the coach was out-of-control for around 40 metres before it came to a halt.

The driver has been arrested on suspicion of causing traffic casualties.

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