See How This Man Proposed To His Girlfriend And Her Dog (Photos)

A man, Ryan Balfour has proposed to his girlfriend, Darion Getzinger, and her dog, Maia while taking a stroll in a mountain.


While the happy couple from Alberta, Canada, was taking a stroll in the mountains, he got down on one knee to ask longtime girlfriend, Darion Getzinger, for her hand in marriage.

Then Balfour popped the question to their dog, Maia, with a pink rhinestone collar.
“It was a plan I’ve had for a while,” said Balfour. “We got Maia right around the same time we moved in together. She’s been a part of our family. It felt wrong to not include her in the proposal somehow. I knew I wanted her there for the photos, for sure. It made sense to have something for her as well.”
Getzinger said Balfour’s decision to include Maia was “literally the sweetest thing ever.”
“I thought it was so cute,” she said. “She’s super important to me. She’s with me all day every day. The fact he went out of his way to include her was really special to me.”

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