“Reasons Why Some Women Never Want To Marry”

Many modern women are not in a hurry to get into marriage. They realised that there are so many interesting things to do in life apart from starting a family.In a survey, some women expressed their opinions on marriage and explained why they would like to postpone it until they are totally okay to get into such a relationship.Here are some reasons why some women never want to marry.

Reasons why some women never want to marry are:

1.Most of the married couples aren’t happy. And this made some of us perceive marriage as a suffocated relationship which causes pain for the rest of the life. On the top of it, getting out of such a pain needs legal sanction.

2.Marriage is just a legal paper which tells the world that you want to live with someone. When you are sure about your relationship and have no insecurities, do you need the permission or the sanction of someone else to live together?

3.Being someone’s wife is a concept that puts off some women. Also, changing the surname and all other formalities seem more ritualistic than pleasure.

4.Going to the man’s house and living amidst strangers for the rest of the life is something which horrifies some women.

5.The pressure to marry that family members and the society give when a woman is ageing upsets some women and makes them hate it altogether.

6.The people around us and the media have made marriage look like a sacrifice that has to be made by a woman. That very concept puts some women off.

These are the reasons why some women never want to marry.

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