President Of Ogboni Fraternity In Nigeria Dies



TRADITIONALISTS across the country weekend converged on Akure, the Ondo state capital for the burial of the President of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (ROF) in Nigeria, Chief Araba Ajemoju.
However, his death and burial ‎elicited anxiety as there were rumours that many people especially strangers would be killed as rituals for the burial of the late traditionalist.

He was buried on Saturday at his residence located at Araromi area of Akure after public procession by other traditionalists.
‎The rumour went round the town as all the streets in the state capital were deserted while the parks were closed to avoid travelers from coming in from outside the state.

Many resident stayed indoor through out the weekend while shops and commercial places were closed before 6pm since he died.
News went round the state capital that a curfew had been declared from 530am to 630pm and without checking it’s authenticity, resident obeyed it for fear of the unknown.

None native of the town were mostly affected as the rumour had it that strangers are to be used for the rituals.
The development also prevented many people from their normal businesses as many were scared.
Speaking on the development the Police Image Maker, Femi Joseph said the culture and tradition of the people should be respected, hence the need for people to co-operate with the

Joseph however assured that the security of all the residents of the town would be guaranteed.
He added that lives would not be allowed to be lost, neither would there be crisis in the town despite the burial.

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