Pls Help Me! I Discovered My Husband Is Bisexual, What Should I Do? [Advice Needed]


Hi 247ariya’s, Pls don’t see this as a joking matter i really need a candid advice on this matter.

I fell in love with this man 6 years ago. Basically, it was long-distance relationship. After 3 months of our marriage, I saw his phone in which he was talking to some random guys and had also shared his unclad pictures with these guys.

When I confronted him, he confessed and said that he will never do it again. However, immediately, after 10 days he started doing all this again. We both had a fight, and now the problem is that he loves me a lot and I love him too but I am not sure if I should accept a bisexual man in my life. Please guide me whether I should leave or stay with him.

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