Omg! Woman Locks Her Boyfriend Inside The House To Stop Him From Cheat!ng…What Happened Next Is Shocking

A young woman who was only trying to stop her boyfriend from going off after other women, has ended up doing something more terrible.


A young woman identified as Sarah Stanley, almost got her boyfriend killed recently.

Sarah thought her lover was Cheat!ng, so she cooked up a plan to stop him from running after other women.

According to Daily Sun SA, on Saturday, Sarah, a 35-year-old, went to her parents’ place to cook pap and decided to lock her boyfriend, Jan Rieter, 42, in their sH@ck to stop him from going out and meeting other other women.

However, her plan nearly killed Jan, when the sH@ck suddenly caught fire and he was almost burnt to a crisp, because he was locked inside.

It took the timely intervention of neighbours to save his life.

Daily Sun reports that despite their flirt with tragedy, Jan and Sarah kissed and made up as the sH@ck in phase 7, Mangaung, smouldered.

It’s suspected the fire was started by Jan’s nephew, who lived in the sH@ck, after he had a fight with his girlfriend.

Sarah told Daily Sun: “My Jan often slept out on weekends and I decided to lock him inside when I went to my parents’ sH@ck nearby.

“I was shocked when I saw smoke coming from the sH@ck and neighbours screaming for help. I thought I would never see my boyfriend again but luckily he was saved.”

Jan blamed the fire on his 23-year-old nephew.

“He fought with his girlfriend and she left while I was sleeping. I started coughing when smoke came out of his room and I heard people screaming,” he said.

“Luckily residents managed to rip open the zinc wall and save me. I’ve never cheated on my girlfriend but she’s very jealous.

“I’m not angry with her but I am with my nephew, who’s nowhere to be seen.”

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