Obasanjo Visited Anambra During My Tenure He Slept In My Bed, My Wife & I Went To A Hotel – Peter Obi

Peter Obi
Peter Obi

The Labor Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi has revealed how Olusegun Obasanjo slept in his bedroom when he was governor of Anambra state which helped him save billions of naira.

He said:-

“I Give You One Example That Saved Us Over A Billion Naira.Obasanjo Was To Visit Anambra State In My Tenure.

He had called me, and they said I had to build the presidential lodge.

I said the president doesn’t live in Anambra State, so why should I build a lodge for him Before I know it, they have assigned someone who will build a house worth half a billion naira”

Peter Obi said he went on to speak with Obasanjo and told him he would vacate his governor’s lodge for him, which Obasanjo agreed to.

He said:-

“He slept in my bedroom for one week. My wife and I went to a hotel in Oka, where we spent just one hundred and twenty thousand naira”

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