Nollywood Meets Media As Ruth Kadiri And Tosin Bucknor Take Center Stage

Meets Media
Meets Media

‘Meets Media’ is a monthly hangout and networking circle for media Professionals mainly from Nigeria. The event creates an enabling environment for communication and marketing professionals to interact with leading media organizations on how their respective companies work.

The platform for the Meets Media which celebrates the potential that exists within the Nigerian media industry also welcomes international media. Provision of insights to public relations, advice on brand and product coverage and also building mutually beneficial relationship between media and other stake holders in respective industries are objectives of the event.

According to the event’s organizers: “The monthly media hangout recognizes persons demonstrating entrepreneurial aptitude, commercial acumen, vision, ambition and drive to build successful enterprises”.

This July 2016 event has been designed to create an atmosphere of exciting interactions and activities for publishers, writers, broadcasters and online mavens among others to gather to interact and share ideas while celebrating their achievements.


Corporate organizations, entrepreneurs, brand strategists, artistes, actors, record labels, filmmakers, Publicists, producers and individuals are welcomed by the event. These stakeholders share a learning experience with groups and forge ways they can work together to advance their agendas.

Activities to feature on the three hour ‘Meets Media’ dinner will include the reading out of media personality profiles, premiere of the movie ‘Memory Lane’ with Ruth Kadiri and the celebration of Tosyn Bucknor under the ‘Media Personality Achievement’ section. Other planned activities are celebrity live chats, buffet and cocktails and brand exhibitions among others.

The 2016 July edition of the Nollywood ‘Meets Media’ networking dinner event is scheduled to happen Sunday July 24, 2016 from 6PM to 9PM Nigeria time at the Best Western Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.


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