Nigerian Man Who Hid Hard Drugs Inside Tubers Of Yam Finally Revealed

A Nigerian man about to travel abroad, two days ago, discovered substances believed to be hard drugs inside tubers of yam he was given to by “his friend” to deliver to someone abroad.



In a video footage posted on Facebook, the man from Edo state, revealed that the drugs were inserted in the tubers of yam and covered with sand.

He said “When I saw sand on the yam, I decided to wash the sand off as I cannot carry sand abroad.

”Fortunately, as I was washing the sand, I saw water coming out from the top, meaning there’s hole inside, as I continue washing I saw some needles.

”I then pulled everything and there was drug inside.”

”This is something that could put you in jail. Men are wicked, we have to be careful,” he added.
Here’s the video, after the victim discovered the hard drug inside the yam he was asked to deliver to someone abroad;

Now, the guy who put the hard drugs inside the yam, has been identified.

According to a video we obtained, the culprit, while being interrogated, says he was sorry, but then, what’s beyond shocking is that, the victim says, he has never met the culprit before.

The interrogation was done in the victim’s church.

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