Nigerian Man ‘Fights’ Late Dad in The Grave for Including His Daughters In Will

A Nigerian man has left many people shocked after he confronted his late dad at his grave and refused to obey instructions from the late man’s will on how to share his properties.

His reason for the act is because his late father included his female children as beneficiaries in his will.

Late Gabriel Okwukogwu attracted the anger of his first son, identified as Emmy, after he shared his properties among his seven children including the four women in Anambra State.

PM Express reports that an infuriated Emmy went to his father’s grave to tell him that he will not comply with the will he prepared when he was alive.

The family is from Orlu in Imo State but stays at G.M.O Road in Ogbaru area of Onitsha metropolitan city in Anambra.

It was gathered that Emmy who resides in Lagos returned after the death and burial of his late father. After the burial, the late father’s lawyer called the members of the family, presented their late father’s will and read it to the children for implementation.

However, trouble started after the counsel got through reading the will and Emmy discovered that their late father shared his properties to his children including the women among them.

The late Okwukogu had properties both in Onitsha and Owerri which he shared equally among the children not minding the gender status.

When the lawyer finished reading the will to the children, Emmy reportedly got angry and declared that the will did not come from their father because he really understood the culture and tradition as observed in Igbo land.

It was gathered that the culture did not recognise women because it was expected that they will get married to their husbands and therefore were not entitled to inherit any property from their family. Thus Emmy insisted that the culture and tradition will be applied in the sharing of the properties.

An infuriated Emmy reportedly left the meeting and headed to their family house in Orlu, went to his father’s grave and protested; that he will not comply with his purported will because he did not comply with the laid down customs and tradition in the land.

PM Express reports that Emmy’s decision to reject the will was causing serious problem in the family as the women in question threatened to fight for their rights as contained in the will rejected by their eldest brother.

When P.M.EXPRESS spoke to some Igbo leaders concerning the incident, some spoke against the sharing and declared that Emmy was right because women were not entitled to inherit family properties according to tradition.

Others said that it was the old practice and the properties in question were not family houses which the women will never inherit according to tradition.

It was however not certain how the matter will be resolved because the will was regarded as a valid document that must be complied with despite any perceived defects.


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