Nigerian Girl Flashes Boobs During Dirty Catfight in Edo (Photos + Video)

Girl Flashes Boobs
Girl Flashes Boobs

A dirty catfight between two Nigerian women hit international headlines after it went viral with local media users.

A video shows two young girls, reportedly friends, exchanging heavy blows and kicks outside a house in Edo state in broad daylight.

The woman’s bre@.$t is exposed as the two opponents scrap

The enraged women are seen pulling each other’s hair and shouting at each other until one of them grabs her opponent’s bra.

The next moment she deliberately lifts her opponent’s top and tries to expose her [email protected].


The woman’s bre@.$t can be clearly seen in the film

And even after that cheeky dodge the duo keep fighting while their pals behind the camera are heard giggling and encouraging them to do so.


The woman in the yellow deliberately pulled at her rival’s bra

The woman in blue shorts and striped t-shirt exerts every effort to set herself free but fails and her left bre@.$t evenrually pops out and can be clearly seen in the footage.

A video clip was uploaded onto social media and has already gained more than 160,000 views and counting.




One fighter can be seen pulling on the other woman’s bra at the start of the scuffle

Viewers were really impressed with the fight and described  it as “an original fighting tactic”.

Watch video:

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