New Record Label, Lahor Music To Operate In Texas USA And Nigeria

lahor Music

Princepaul Orobosa Agbonlahor Establishes New Record Label, Lahor Music To Operate In Texas USA And Nigeria. 
US Based Nigerian business mogul, Princepaul Orobosa has announced the establishment of a new record label named Lahor Music to further contribute to the growth and development of Afrobeat genre of music around the world.
Lahor Music will have its operational base in Nigeria and Texas USA with a mission to empower raw Afrobeat talent from Nigeria and spread the tentacles of their music brand to other parts of Europe and America using a global music distribution strategy that is second to none.
Meanwhile, Lahor Records operations will be geared towards becoming a household name globally and be well respected in Nigeria as a record company with capacity of making world-shining stars.
According to the CEO, Princepaul Orobosa Agbonlahor, Lahor music will seek to bridge the gap between the Nigerian music industry and the international music scene such that a newly discovered talent will have easy access to global recognition through cutting edge promotional tools and strategies.
Prince Paul
In his words;
The possibility of young talents gaining global exposure is endless and this is what we are out to prove with Lahor Music. We are out here to discover talents that will further propel the growth of Afrobeats and integrate them effectively into a working system of international exposure as well as revenue generation.
We have done our assignment very well and we are confident that this record label will be a success as we are going to be adopting new models of music business.
Princepaul Agbonlahor also noted that Lahor Music will be adding value to the Nigerian music industry with it’s unique way of discovering and nurturing talents.
However, Lahor Music is yet to unveil any artist as a signee under the label but there are works ongoing to sign young talented afrobeat acts who will flag-off the operations of the label in Nigeria and USA respectively.
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