Nephi – The Movement EP Review

Nephi The Movement Ep
Nephi The Movement Ep


For a body of music work with highly climaxed anticipation atmosphere, “The Movement EP” by Nephi is sure worth all the hype efforts.

The 6 track EP ushered in a full insight to the high-level of versatility, outstanding pen game and beat Killing instinct of the Edo Born singer.

Going by his earlier release of “Awolowo” off the EP this year, one could easily adjudge that Nephi’s EP will turn out to be an average body of work but from hitting the play button at track one through to the 6th track, Nephi indeed surpassed all expectations on this.

The Movement Ep Tracklist
The Movement Ep Tracklist

Introducing the EP with an inspirational song like “Try Another Day” seem logical in it’s intent but goes a long way in contributing to great listening experience that comes with the EP.

“If your hustle and never pay.. try another day..” A mid tempo afrobeat tune loaded up with motivational lines and fantastic combination of instrumentals. What makes the song more fascinating is the crowd voices on the chorus at a point.

Following through with a love song “With You” makes you start settling well with the music project because instinct naturally tells you, you’re in for an enjoyable music consumption run.

“If this is love, yes I am willing to go…** This song is so damn relatable and this is Nephi lyrically painting the mental picture of all anyone wants to do when in love. Worthy of note is the fact that the beat got a bit groovier than the first track making so far so good experience from track 1 to track 2 end.

“I’ve been searching searching searching for love… when I see you, I give up on searching..” Track 3 is “Searching” a more tuneful love song containing a tale of a young man who got a perfect love after a serious search.

This song comes with an excellent production efforts as it all sounds all together like a live performance of full music band with all instrumentalists needed for an afrobeat song present. The synchronisation of Nephi’s delivery and instrumentals is not something we experience often in the music industry.

Toning the down the mood on the EP, Nephi switched from core Afrobeats to Afropop on “Lap Dance”. This song could potentially activate the waist whining instinct of the ladies and booty rocking adrenaline in men.

Delivered with club banging tune, Nephi introduces another musical pattern he could do well with “Gimme Lap dance, lap dance, girlie you dey make my brain shutdown, gimme lap dance, lap dance, girlie you dey make my thing wan stand”

The 5th track, “Wanted” heightened the groove again as Nephi delivered another love song on fast-paced beat. The result is an intriguing party jam.

Wrapping up the EP with “Awolowo”, a song earlier released as a tip to raise the anticipation of the EP.

“Awolowo” is a confessional love song as Nephi delivers stellar romantic lines that picture two lovers waiting for each other at Awolowo way to string together the broken particles of their love and move on.

This is yet another song citing the creative prowess of Nephi when it comes to Afro-beat music.

The song already made massive numbers and using it round up this amazing body of work is just right and perfect to sustain the momentum of good listening experience.

Conclusively, one major highpoint in this EP is the fact that it has become a cliche in the music industry to do love songs on mid-tempo vibe but on “The Movement EP”, Nephi went beyond mid-tempo to deliver love songs with club banging potentials.

No doubt, Nephi is one hell of an artistes coming fast with a big wave of creativity and uniqueness that could further make Afrobeat a bigger movement than it is today. You should catch a glimpse of this submission on Nephi’s new body of work “The Movement”.





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