Navigating The Dark Side Of The Music Industry – Here Are Valuable Lessons To Be Learned From Mohbad’s Demise

Mohbad’s Demise
Mohbad’s Demise

The music industry is a tough place to be, especially for young and talented Artistes who want to make a name for themselves.

Sadly, sometimes, the people who are supposed to help up-and-coming Artistes achieve their dreams end up being their worst enemies.

That’s what happened to Mohbad, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, who died tragically a few days ago. His fans and fellow artistes were shocked and saddened by his loss

However, some fans blamed his record label boss for his downfall

According to reports, Mohbad signed a contract with his record label that gave him very little control over his music and career.

He was forced to release songs that he didn’t like, perform at shows that he didn’t want to, and share his earnings with his boss who took most of the profits.

He was also denied access to proper health care and support when he started to struggle with mental and physical issues.

Mohbad‘s story is not unique as many artistes in the music industry face similar challenges and exploitation from their record labels, managers, or producers.

They are often pressured to conform to certain standards, styles, or trends that don’t reflect their true identity or vision.

They are also expected to work tirelessly and sacrifice their personal lives for the sake of fame and money.

I will try to expatiate on some key points based on my own experience as a Blogger, Music Promoter and a fan. I will also share some tips and advice on how to avoid falling into the traps that Mohbad and many others have fallen into.

The Ripping Nature of Some Labels

While many record labels genuinely support their artists, some prioritize their bottom line above all else. These labels may entice artists with substantial signing bonuses, elaborate promises, and the allure of stardom. Yet, their intentions may be far from altruistic.

Some record label bosses may structure contracts in a way that heavily favors the label’s interests, leaving artists with a small fraction of their earnings. These contracts might include clauses that allocate the lion’s share of revenue to the label, recoupable expenses that artists must repay, and tricky legal jargon that can be difficult for artists to decipher.

Mᴏhbad’s Struggle

Mohbad’s unfortunate story mirrors that of many artists who find themselves trapped in unfair agreements. While he displayed immense talent and potential, his career was marred by disputes with his record label, which allegedly took a significant portion of his earnings, leaving him financially strained.

Lessons for Aspiring Artistes


➺ Know Your Worth

Aspiring artists must recognize their value and not settle for agreements that disproportionately favor the label. Seek legal counsel or industry experts to review contracts before signing.

➺ Transparency is Key

Demand transparency from your record label. Understand how revenue is generated, where it goes, and how expenses are allocated. Open communication can help prevent disputes down the road.

Consider Independent Routes

While record deals can offer valuable support, independent artists have more control over their finances and creative direction. Explore both options before making a decision.

➺ Build a Support Network

Surround yourself with a team of professionals, including lawyers, managers, and financial advisors, who can guide you through the intricacies of the music industry.

➺ Learn from Others

Study the experiences of artists like Mohbad and those who have successfully navigated the industry. Their stories can serve as valuable lessons.

I hope that this blog post will help you navigate the dark side of the music industry and find your light.

I also hope that it will honor Mohbad‘s memory and legacy, and inspire you to follow your dreams 🕊🕯

May you all never die at your peak 🙏

Stay tuned for more updates!

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