Meet President Buhari’s official pilot, Captain Chinyelu (photos)

Captain Chinyelu Chizoba Ndibuisi is a presidential pilot and he flies the Nigerian Air Force 001 plane.

He has once worked as an Air Peace pilot. The presidential pilot loves relaxing and easing tension by playing his favourite game, tennis. He is currently in the United States with his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari, who is participating in the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York.

With a lot of insinuations that President Buhari is a tribalist and only gives preferential traetment to people of the North, this is just to show that he knows what he is doing and he is not a tribalist. He knows the best person for the job and he goes for the person.

Well, some our readers are of different opinions. One Denedo Victor wrote: ”Hatred and self-centered people would put this poor man into trouble, for once let us allow this President be, we should know that it is not our making that he is the president today, it is God and it is God that can determine one’s life.”

De Cardinal Charles wrote: ”If an Igbo President uses Hausa man as pilot, that plane will crash in just a few days simply bcz those guys ar suicide terrorists by nature. But in this case, PMB knows that Igbos value human life so much. He can’t get a more trusted pilot outside Igbo Eve though he hates the Igbos with eternal hatred.”

Uche Kingsley also wrote: ”Not that he likes him or wanted an igbo man but because he is the best, he knew that all the northerners get unmerited jobs because of ethnicity and favoritism, he is afraid of death that’s why he didn’t compromised professionalism, if it’s on other things i bet you igbo man will be the last person he wants to see talk more employ.”

Ezekiel Iniobong wrote: ”One of the problems of this nation is that a lot of northerners get jobs that they are not qualified to handle. I am surprised that they didn’t give this pilot job to an Hausa guy. They know that the plane can only be flown by the best pilots around and so they didn’t mind where the pilot came from. If we adopt the same method in every sectors of our economy, i.e giving jobs to only qualified and capable people, things will change for the better in our nation.”

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