Meet ”Oba Ogunlano” The Creator Of Orisa Beat, A New Genre Of African Music


Born into a lineage of traditional arts and entertainment, Oba Ogunlano’s fast paced career advancement as a multi-talented African artiste cannot be over-emphasised.
His journey into music began when he made his first musical performance at the age of 3 after his Jazz singer mother Omialadora Adjamu and  percussionist father Olomide Ogunlano brought him on stage for performance meant to open stage for Afrobeat king, Fela Kuti at a music concert.
Just like the Kuti family, music runs in the blood of the Ogunlanos and Oba is one big talent currently making the family proud both in Nigeria and the international music scene where core African Music is hugely appreciated.
Oba Ogunlano
Oba Ogunlano
As the Founder, CEO and Artistic Director of OrisaBeat music company, Oba Ogunlano is an all-round entertainer with huge expertise in drums, eye-catchy dancing skills and fantastic vocal delivery.
Over the years, Oba Ogunlano has taken giant steps towards exposing another model of African music different from Fela’s Afrobeats to the outside world and he named it “Orisa Beat”. He has toured many European and American countries with African Entertainment doing fully stacked live musical performances to the delight of international audience.
He is not a mere entertainer, his musical contents are always characterised by substantial messages mostly delivered with story-telling and African Culture education. Little wonder Oba Ogunlano excelled with television and movie appearances. He has featured on movies and TV series like; “The Originals”, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, HBO: Bessie Smith to mention but few.
Meanwhile, after the success of “Orisa beat” genre of music in America and far away Europe, Oba Ogunlano is seeking to establish the genre in Nigeria and other parts of Africa as he will be releasing new music project soon while also embarking on serious media tour in UK, Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries to preach the gospel of “Orisa Beat”. It’s best to anticipate another dimension of Afrobeat from the King Of Orisa Beat himself, Oba Ogunlano.

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