Man Kills Wife For Converting To Christianity


A 42-year-old man identified as Amir Darbanou has reportedly murdered his 35-year-old wife, Nasrin Abek, for converting to Christianity in Sydney, Australia.

The suspect and his wife were originally from Iran but had been living in Australia for the past four years, the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting.

Reports say the suspect, who had been growing increasingly angry with his wife, a hairdresser, and believed she had been unfaithful religiously, stabbed her multiple times with a knife, inside their Potts Point unit apartment in St Neot Avenue on Wednesday.

Her body was however discovered at about 6:20 am on Thursday by the police after her father reportedly alerted the police.

According to the deceased’s father, he received a ‘disturbing’ phone call from his son-in-law, Darbanou on Wednesday telling him his daughter was dead and on Thursday morning, police visited the scene where they found Abek’s body with multiple stab wounds.

The father said he had earlier raised concerns to the police about his daughter’s welfare in her husband’s house, following her conversion, before the unfortunate incident leading to her violent death.

According to the report, there was no previous history of domestic violence between the couple, until that night when some claimed to have heard a piercing scream around the time she may have been murdered.

Meanwhile, the suspect appeared before Central Local Court on Friday, facing a one-count of murder.

A Kings Cross Police Superintendent, Michael Fitzgerald, was quoted to have said police had recovered what was possibly the weapon used to kill Ms. Abek from the tip where the rubbish from the unit block was dumped.killer3

Fitzgerald said, “We are not looking at any other suspects in this matter. It is alleged that the son-in-law told [the father] certain things which brought the concern from the father to speak with police today.

“There was no known history of domestic violence between the pair. Any incident of violence, let alone domestic violence, is tragic and we ask anyone if they’ve got any information about any loved one or any friend who may be involved in any domestic incident to come forward, to contact us, because we need to know,” the police Superintendent stated.

The magistrate, Les Mabbott, reportedly adjourned the case till November 24.

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