“I Lost My V!rg!n!ty And Had $ex For The Very First Time, When I Was 28years Old” – Nigerian Singer Asa Reveals

Asa was on Funmi Iyanda’s show and she revealed to her that she lost her V!rg!n!ty at 28, the except from the interview which has now gone viral has left many speechless, below is an except from the video

At age 28 i called janet my manager and told her there is a problem and i called my my mom and her too that there is a problem i then revealed to them that i was a very late starter, and my mum had no advise for me and she was shy and she then told me it will be very painful at first, then Funmi Iyanda cuts in to ask No Wait, if i understand you correctly at 28??? Nothing Nothing?, Asa then replies Dont Clab For me i am not proud”

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