Little Boy Seen Waving Gun Around ‘During Training To Become An Armed Robber’ (Photos)

A toddler was filmed waving a gun around ‘during training to become an armed robber’. A footage which has caused outrage online shows the little boy wearing an Angry Birds T-shirt and aggressively waving a gun at the camera.

Addressing the person making the clip in Spanish, he demands “plata” – slang for cash – as if he is a mugger, while waving around the weapon. He says: “Give me the money, 30,000 bucks, Bolivian cat.”


At one point he says “son of a b****” and other swear words, before adding a racist slur to the mix: “Suck my c***, stupid n*****.”

Viewers’ outrage was fuelled by the perception that, as the boy is filmed from slightly above, it must have been an adult behind the camera, and therefore the adult was training the boy for a life of crime.

It is unclear if the gun in the clip is real or a toy.

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