Ladies here is How to use and dump rich men – Huddah Monroe (Photos)

It is now very difficult to know who can play the game of use and dump between men and women. One person who thinks she has an upper hand is former Big Brother Africa star Huddah Muroe.


Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe gives advice on using rich men and dumping them rather than be dumped. Photo credit, Instagram

The Kenyan socialite Huddah has tips to share with fellow ladies on dating rich men.

After rolling with the rich for so long, she has learned their ways and would not want ladies to be used and dumped by them using money to hold them down.

The curvaceous lady is telling ladies to use rich men for their own good rather than the other way round.

She is warning ladies not to stay long with a rich man and also how they can free themselves from mental slavery.

See her Snapchat posts below:

The Big Brother Africa star once tagged Nigerian men as entertainers and that they are only good for enjoyment. She made this known while replying to the comment of one of her fans who urged her to marry a Nigerian man.

Monroe revealed that she has had her fill of Nigerian men as she has dated a couple of them in the past. The fan had asked her to settle down with a Nigerian man so she could have all the benefits accrued to being the wife of a Nigerian man. In response to this, the Kenyan lady declared that Nigerian men are not husband materials as they are mainly good for enjoyment. She went on to say they are not good for marriage or family settings.

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