Kaysix Brown Beats Expectations On Chat Topping Single “Pressure (ti’wa)” Featuring Rayson

Kaysix Brown
The year 2023 started with premium suffering for all Nigerians as a result of some inconsiderate government policies that brought hardship and too much pressure on the masses.
While being inspired by a viral video that circulated at the time, Kaysix Brown decided to beat all expectations by crafting a beautiful love song titled “Pressure (ti’wa). More like making beautiful piece of Diamond from a dirty gutter.
The song is themed on love and romantic relationship with zero or no pressure. “Say I love the attention, kele wey Dey kill hypertension” Kaysix Brown exhibited an extraordinary creative instinct and great penmanship on this song.
The song started with the viral voice of the frustrated Nigerian Youth lamenting about the hardship caused by the sinister cashless policy then followed by the soothing voice of Kaysix Brown creating a mental picture of less-pressured love life. At first you’d think you’re about experience another version of typical afrobeat song about suffering of Nigerians but Kaysix Brown switched it up perfectly.
The relatability of the Rayson assisted track, Pressure (ti’wa) ushered in lots of streams and multiple airplays both home and abroad since its release into the music space.
Topping several charts in just few weeks after release, “Pressure (ti’wa) turned out to be a leading record out of Kaysix Brown’s discography so far. Undoubtedly, the Delta born artiste operate on a very high creative level as an artiste which is why his next song is always going to be his best song and potential music industry hit.

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