I’ll Rather Burn My Voters Card Than Vote For You, Oyedepo


The founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, has revealed that he would rather burn his Voters card than vote for one particular presidential candidate.

The cleric disclosed this on Thursday at the church’s annual programme tagged “Shiloh,” however, he didn’t reveal the presidential candidate’s name but he stated that the candidate is not fit to be the next president.

Oyedepo said,

“When I look at those who are vying for presidency, I say ‘should he not know that he cannot be the president without anyone telling him?’ Without anybody telling him, is this how to be a president? Is this how to be a president? He should just sit down and tell himself the truth.

There are people I would burn my voter’s card than vote for them because he can’t even handle his family, is that the one that will handle a nation?”





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