“I Will Do A Concert In Nigeria This December” – Olamide Says

Olamide Says
Olamide Says

During an interview on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madida, Olamide discussed the global appreciation for his music and how he transformed it into a legitimate business venture.

Olamide has a yearly concert tagged “OLIC” “Olamide Live in Concert” refers to a live music event featuring the Nigerian artist Olamide. It is a performance where Olamide takes the stage to entertain his fans and audience with his music.

During the concert, Olamide performs his songs, interacts with the crowd, and creates an energetic and memorable experience for attendees. These types of concerts are often highly anticipated by fans and can showcase Olamide’s musical talents and stage presence.

Olamide Concert

He said:

“The world was in love with my stuff, (and) I was grateful for that. But, I also felt it was time to make sure I reinvested in that same thing that was making people love and appreciate me. It used to be just about passion, but I figured it was high time I stepped up, reinvested and made it a proper business.

I set up my own record label and started signing artistes because I did not want all that money to just go wasting on ‘ballin’ (having fun). All that money had to go back into the business. That was how the whole thing started.”

Speaking about his forthcoming ‘Unruly’ tour, the ‘Melo Melo’ crooner said; “I think the last time I was on stage was last year at Mr Money (Asake)’s concert in London, United Kingdom. But, this December, I will be having my concert in Nigeria. Also, I will be going on tour next summer to the United States of America and Europe. I am going to be back on the road.

“My fans have been asking me to ‘come outside’. And now, I am ready. I have been on the ground, trying to put in work and get my stuff together, because the new wave is so crazy right now, and one has to figure out a way to be in tune with the times, which is not easy. So, I have been working on that for so long. That’s why it took me so long.”

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