G.ay Couple All Loved Up As They Get Married In Jail (See Photos)

Facebook user, Roger Thom had thos to say;

EL I did 11 years 15 different prisons out of the 15 years I never seen But one man R@pe because it was so many in there giving it up freely 3 bags of coffee could get you a head job and 5 bags of coffee can get you some boy pu$$y as they call it I never had to desire to touch a man but it was one thing I noticed the hardest n***** on the streets are the weakest ones in prison they think it’s cool to let a man suck on they D!ck as long as they weren’t getting f***** in their minds they still thought they were not G.ay and I will go out on the visiting yard and watch these men hug and kiss their wives and their mothers and that same night they will be laid up with a man watching TV with no remorse or no shame most of these men were raised by their mother’s or

grandmother’s and Lac Father figures in their life I worked in the HIV Ward for two years at Limestone Correctional Facility in 1992 and I would ask these guys with HIV when they got out were they going to sleep with women everyone that I asked that question told me hell yes now all the HIV inmates are in population with all the other inmates and these guys do not know who has AIDS and who doesn’t and they all sleep around with one another not caring if they could track this disease or not black women between the ages of 18 and 35 are the highest carriers of the HIV virus it is all because they choose to have unprotected $ex with hetero$exual men that are all own the down low these N!ggars AR bodybuilder that are a black woman’s dream but they can turn your life into a damn nightmare like the old saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover you ladies better start reading your books before you buy them putting you up on game from a real N!ggaa a lot of brothers ain’t going to like what I’m saying but I love my beautiful black sister and I want all y’all wake up be wise be smart and quit letting these down low Brothers fool you

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