#EndSARS: 32 SARS officials Arrested in Abuja for Raping, and Robbery


32 operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have been arrested and are being held at federal detention facilities in Abuja owned by the police.

This is according to The Cable News who reported that the officers concerned were transferred from various state commands over the weekend.

A source who spoke to the media company disclosed that the operatives were detained in different cells and their families and lawyers have been restricted from getting in touch with them.

“The suspects, who are all male, are now being held at various detention cells of the Federal SARS at Guzape District Abuja.

“Since their arrival in Abuja, their family members and lawyers have not been allowed to see them based on an order from above,” a source said

TheCable learnt that they are being investigated for cases ranging from extortion, robbery, R@pe, among others. .

According to reports, the police on the orders of its Inspector General Ibrahim Idris has given the go-ahead for a prompt punishment of SARS operatives who have acted against protocols.
This is in response to protests made by Nigerians calling for an end to the police department due to the involvement of its officials in acts of intimidation against civilians.

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