End Time! Popular Pastor Stones His Congregation With Rocks During Church Service to Heal Them (Photos)


In what will come across as a rather shocking development, a pastor has employed an unconventional method to heal people.

Pastor Lethebo Rabalago of the Mount Zion church in Zebediela, Mathibela, Limpopo, South Africa, has stunned people with his style of healing.
The pastor reportedly calls on his ushers to bring the big rocks into the church. Then, with the church members lying down on the floor at his feet, he drops the heavy stones onto them.
According to Daily Sun SA, the 24-year-old pastor told the congragation that: “The stones will heal your sins. God has instructed me to do this.”
Some of the people in the village speak highly of the young pastor, saying he is a true man of God and they trust him because he grew up in their village and also attended school there.
But some locals believe that what he is doing is not only dangerous, but also evil.
However the church members do not seem to mind. They continue to attend his church services, held in a tent in the village.


Daily Sun SA reports that a church member revealed that the young pastor, who is also called a prophet, prayed for her and she got healed.
Another member said they will continue supporting him because he is doing God’s work.
“The people who are saying negative things about him are sent by demons. He is a good prophet who prays for people and they get healed,” said the member.
“Leave us alone with our rocks.”
Prophet Rabalago said that he started his ministry when he was still a schoolboy in grade 10.
He said if the People’s Paper wanted answers, we must attend one of the church services held on Fridays and Sundays and see the miracles he performs.
“There is also a video that shows everything. I cannot give it to you because it is anointed and you are not,” he said.
“What you saw in those cellphone photographs is what is happening at my ministry. We do everything to heal people and cast out their demons. I put big speakers on them, I drive over them and they never get injured because it is the power of God in me that makes everything possible.”

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Right of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi Xaluva said it is difficult for the commission to do anything in these kinds of cases because the people did not see themselves as victims.
“There needs to be regulation that will stop these pastors from harming people. There is no law that makes it illegal for pastors to throw rocks at people.

“The pastors do as they please because the congregants are not complaining,” said Xaluva.

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