Download Music: E_rdto – A Returned King

E_rdto - A Returned King

E_rdto (pronounced AirDot) is a fast rising singer, songwriter and Rapper. His name is an acronym for Emergency Room 4 Dipensing Truth Only. A fan of music, keen listener of lyrical contents coupled with his  studies for a Masters Degree in the United Kingdom, E_rdto is determined to spread his message of Positivity, Love, Unity & Peace .via his music. This  sees him bring a vast array of knowledge from a walk of Life. This track (A Returned King) Featuring Nigho his one time GF,  draws inspiration from several movies to narrate the resurgence of a long forgotten King who ran away from his Kingdom to save his Life because of the Lies he was made to believe.  Now, after self discovery of Truth, he is back but faces many adversaries including his own kinfolks. He must device ways to work with those who still believes in him and wants a better situation for the kingdom as this has been ruined by the older statemen. With a test of his bravado looming, nothing will be impossible through faith, believe and teamwork and the Land being restored to it’s original glorious state of Abundance, Equality and Happiness.  THIS IS PURE POETRY & STORYTELLING IN MOTION.

P.S this track is off his upcoming Extended Play project titled AWAKENING: THE ENLIGHTENMENT




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