Cruise Rapper Set To Tour The Country With His Debut Album ‘New Chapter’

Cruise Rapper
Cruise Rapper

Nigeria’s rising Singer, Cruise Rapper, known for his unique sound that blends elements of Afrobeat and reggae to create a feel-good, cruise vibe has said that the likes of Wizkid, Shata Wale and the late Bob Marley inspired his type of music.


The Singer who was born as Desmond Mike Obeahon has crafted his own signature style that resonates with audiences around the Nigerian Music Industry.

With the release of his debut album, New Chapter, featuring ten tracks that showcase his musical versatility and talent, he has captivated listeners with his infectious melodies and catchy hooks.

Desmond Mike Obeahon
Desmond Mike Obeahon

Cruise Rapper’s music has garnered critical acclaim and praise from fans, solidifying his place as a promising artist on the rise.
Currently, he is embarking on a tour across Nigeria, bringing his electrifying live performances and infectious energy to audiences everywhere. With his smooth vocals and dynamic stage presence, Cruise Rapper is sure to leave a lasting impact on all who experience his music first-hand.


With his sights set on sharing his music with the world, the music talent is poised for success and ready to make a lasting impression on the music scene.

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