Comedian Bright Shines Bright On The Nigeria Comedy Scene

Bright Uhunoma Omoruyi professionally known by his stage name Comedian Bright is a fast rising comedian who hails from Benin city, Edo state. This comedy sensation and his style of comedy have audience rolling on the floor and asking for more.

According to comedian Bright whose real name is Bright Uhunoma Omoruyi. His style of comedy is born out of the day to day life of an average Nigerian, with the hustle and bustle going on there’s always a funny side to everything happening around so it’s very easy to make people laugh because it’s relatable.

He went on to say the Nigerian society itself it’s enough material already for a comedian. We live in a country where snake can swallow money, monkey can eat money, rat can chase the president out of his office. So many ridiculous things being told by the government. So you just have to look at the funny part and be able to laugh out loud, or else if you continue thinking about them it will only give you high blood pressure.

On headlining his own show, comedian Bright said he’s been working on that for a while now, and he hope to headline his own show this year 2022. But just like every other thing in Nigeria, there are always challenges. Like the challenge of getting a sponsor, getting an affordable venue and all that. It’s quite easy for the bigger comedians to get sponsors for show, but as a fast rising comedian doing a first edition show the challenges are lots as many sponsors alway prefer to come in during the second edition as there’s already a blueprint and a huge fan base behind the show. But that not withstanding we’re still talking to lots of sponsors and some are already showing interest. So it won’t be long anymore you will be getting a full dose of comedian bright headlined comedy show.

He went further to thank his fans and family. He said without the fans comedy wouldn’t be doing as good as it’s doing today in Nigeria and Africa at large. The fans are the main ingredient in this equation. He also thank other comedians who has been instrumental to his growth and those who has given him platform. Saying you have to be grateful and respect those you’ve paved the way for you to pass because without them the journey will not be as easy as it is now. He also thank God as God is the source of all talent. We the fans all look forward to seeing comedian Bright headline his own show as we can’t get enough of the jokes and laughs.

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