Beware! Energy Drinks Cause Health Issues (See Shocking Details)

What are the side effects of energy drinks and do they exist at all? Make sure you know all of the consequences of your unhealthy habits of drinking caffeinated drinks.

Energy drinks give energy due to caffeine, which is the main component of such drinks. Coffee is drunk by almost everyone on our planet, so what is the problem if you use a different way to get a little bit more energized?

Certainly, first thing not to get any side effects after consuming energy drink is to drink it wisely, which means do not over dose. Unfortunately, very few let the thought of getting over dosed by tasty drink cross their mind. That is the reason why over dosing by energy drinks is a pretty frequent thing.

Here are some of energy drinks’ side effects if you over dose on it.


Anxiety attacks

Feeling of anxiety is the first thing to appear when you had too much of caffeine.

This happens because of the fact that caffeine has a facility to block the adenosine activity (that is the chemical, which is responsible for creating a feeling of fatigue). In addition to that, adenosine is the hormone in our organism that stimulates adrenalin rush, which makes the energy level come up.

Also, caffeine over dose is known for literally making people go crazy and cause of psychological disorders.

Symptoms: anxiety appears when your breath increases and that the stress levels grow fast.

Sleep disturbance or insomnia

While you drink energy drink to spend more time without sleep, you do not only gain not sleep resistance but insomnia and the feeling of disturbance.

Many people who complain of poor sleep and trouble falling asleep may not actually realize that they consume too much of energy drinks. However, in such cases you need to stop consuming anything that contains caffeine for the period until you are back to the normal sleep regimen you used to have.

Digestion problems


This is the most common energy drinks’ side effect and one of the most unpleasant. It may occur because of caffeine influence your body, it stimulates the secretion of gastrin, which activates bowel function. So, the food starts digesting faster.

Caffeine addiction

A thorough scientific study of this issue suggests that, despite the fact that caffeine, like prohibited substances such as amphetamines, causes the release of certain chemicals in the brain, addiction to caffeine has a different character than the one on classical psychotropic substances.

Side effects symptoms are a strong desire to drink something that contains caffeine and in case it does not happen, the next phase is the decrease in concentration and mental activities in general; headaches, fatigue.

To get rid of such energy drink side effect you should stop drinking or eating anything that is known to have caffeine.

Frequent urination

Yes, it is not common to share how many times per day you use bathroom, however, it is needed to pay attention and speak about it when you start doing it more often than you generally do.

Frequent urination is a characteristic side effect of caffeine-containing beverages. The cause of it is simply how caffeine works and impacts the organism due to its consistency.

Large doses of caffeine may not only make you a frequent bathroom visitor but a hospital visitor as well. Consumption of energy drinks can lead you to urinal incontinence, which you can get rid of medically.

If you drink energy drinks and notice that you start running to the bathroom more often than usually, reduce the dose of caffeine and make sure the symptoms disappear.

While drinking energy drinks, always remember that they contain a big dose of caffeine, low and mild doses of which may have decently positive effects on human’s organism.

Meanwhile, if you drank too much of these beverages, do not forget to drink the same amount of water to reduce the risk of getting any of side effects.

Large doses and over dose of energy drinks can not only affect the quality of life, but also cause serious health issues.

Although it may really be harmful, response is always very different because of individuals peculiarities.

In order to always stay healthy, consume energy drinks wisely and do not forget to ask for medical help if it is needed.

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